Saturday, September 25, 2010

The vehicle that brought us to many trailheads...

My hiking sticker on my Jeep rear bumper!

For the last 8 years, I've owned a Jeep Wrangler, which I bought right out of school. It was a good vehicle and I certainly got my money's worth out of it. In the end, it had just over 150,000 miles, two leaking differential pinion seals, needed brakes all around, had 7 blown speakers, took in 1 inch of water (inside) each time it rained and was so loud on the highway that I literally couldn't talk on my cell phone. However, it never left me stranded anywhere and nothing major ever went wrong from a mechanical/safety standpoint.

Jill getting our gear out of the Jeep on a chilly morning at the Mt. Tecumseh Trailhead

The front of the Jeep at the Iron Mountain Trailhead

When you have a vehicle that long, being the only owner, you certainly grow attached to it. I'm mentioning my Jeep in my blog today because it was our ride to many trailheads. In that sense, it was part of our hiking equipment. I have many fond memories of driving down class VI roads and old logging roads in the Jeep, heading up to more remote trailheads. Leaving the trailheads in the Jeep always seemed memorable too. After a long day of hiking, there was nothing better than rolling out of the trailhead parking area with my beautiful wife, cranking great tunes in the Jeep, as we watched the mountain get smaller in the rear view mirror. I will miss you Jeep...I hope whoever ends up behind the wheel of you will appreciate how great and dependable you really are!

Jill and I with the Jeep in the background at Winslow State Park, Trailhead up to Kearsarge



  1. Ha it's funny that you mention a vehicle as part of your hiking gear Karl. Just last week when M finished her 48, we returned to the trailhead on a high to discover the Forrester had a flat! Ugh, nothing quite as demoralizing as having to change a tire after a hike! LOL Good luck with the new wheels!

  2. Hi Dan,

    That is tough. After a hike, I feel great...but I still don't want to exert anymore energy. Changing a tire must be the worst thing ever after a hike.

    How do you like your Forrester? My buddy just bought a brand new one and loves it. Also, I see a lot of them at the trailheads.