Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dogs and Hiking

I'm sure you're thinking this is a weird topic for me to write about because I don't hike with my dogs. I do have two dogs, pugs to be exact. Their names are Hank and Lily and we have had them for 6 1/2 years now. They are pretty active, but they are certainly not hiking dogs. Jill and I have taken them for short hikes before, up Stratham Hill, but when we get to the top they drop like they just hiked twenty miles...so, I think any real hikes with decent elevation gain may be too much for these little sausages.

The reason I'm writing about hiking with dogs is because my good friend, Sean, writes a blog entitled How To Train Your Dog Blog. I find it interesting because I have two of the most misbehaved dogs out there (they are very lovable though) and he has the most well behaved dog I have ever met (Buddy). I always hope to pick up a few tips from him. As I read his blog, he also reads mine and he got the idea to write a posting on hiking with dogs. He did a lot of research on it and really hopes it will be helpful to others out there who wish to hike with dogs. Please check out his posting: "Make Sure Your Dog Is Just As Prepared As You". (Also check out How To Train Your Dog Blog on Facebook here)

Sean isn't a hiker, yet. But he's certainly on his way. Doing research for his post has struck up his need to hit the trail. So this weekend, I have the honor of hiking with Sean, up his first mountain. We are going to climb Mount Potash. I know when he sets his foot on that summit, he'll be hooked just like we all are.

Another good blog from someone who hikes with a great dog is The Adventures of Tom & Atticus. It is one of my favorite blogs. Definitely check it out if you haven't already.



  1. Thanks for the info, I'll certainly check out the training blog as my Mini Schnauzer loves to hike with me but does like to run off.
    I also follow Tom and Atticus and really enjoy his blog also.

  2. Hi Jan,
    At least you have a dog who likes to hike...that's always a great thing. My buddy's blog definitely has some good info in it. He literally has the most well behaved dog I've ever seen...Wish I could same the same about my dogs.

    I've been following the Adventures of Tom and Atticus for some time now...one of my inspirations for starting a blog myself. Really great stuff.

    Thanks for checking out my blog.