Monday, November 1, 2010

Mount Potash Trail Clearing - A Special Thanks!

A few weeks back, I wrote a blog posting on a trip that my friend Sean and I took to the summit of Mount Potash. In that posting, I mentioned how the trail had been neglected to a degree and when hiking, we struggled over many trees across the trail. I figured this was due to the fact that Mount Potash is not a very well traveled mountain, when compared to many of its neighboring peaks in the White Mountains.

Soon after I posted this trail report, a fellow New Hampshire hiker, Chris, inquired about the trail and asked how recently we witnessed these fallen trees. You see, Chris gives back to the mountains and the hiking community. He spends many hard hours volunteering to maintain New Hampshire trails in the White Mountain National Forest, performing tasks such as clearing fallen trees. He took the information that I reported, headed up the Mount Potash Trail this past week with a one man saw and ax, and cleared the trail for future hikers.

Mount Potash Trail earlier this month when Sean and I hiked it. Fallen trees across were an obstacle.

Mount Potash Trail after Chris was done clearing it last week!

Chris, thanks for your hard work and dedication. It's guys like you (and many other volunteers) that make it possible for hikers to enjoy the beauty of the White Mountains and New Hampshire. My hat's off to you, buddy!



  1. Hello Karl, Just caught up to your blog after a tip off from the OBN, an excellent blog my good man and to echo Rebecca's sentiments I hope you continue to weave your magic over the winter.

  2. Thanks for visiting, John. I certainly will continue to post on Live Free and Hike...It's a passion of mine now.

    I appreciate the kind words!


  3. Congratulations Karl on being selected as a Feature Blogger over on OBN. Thought I would drop over and give New Hampshire a look. I had no idea your state and area was so beautiful. Enjoy what I see here!

  4. Mel,
    Thanks very much. Being selected as a Feature Blogger on the OBN was a great surprise to me.

    New Hampshire is beautiful and I love the State very much. People say all the states in New England are very different. NH is different than ME, which are also different than VT. Very different landscapes, colors, etc. even though they are close together. I think NH is the certainly the best when comes to hiking...but I am a bit bias.

    Thanks for stopping by and come back often!


  5. Thanks for the mention. I volunteer through the forest service. Blowdown removal is the most fun for me but most of what I do is cleaning water bars and other structures that drain the trail. Trail adopters do the basic maintenance tasks of brushing, cleaning drainages, blazing, and removing blowdowns. If interested, contact Bailey at the US Forest Service 603-447-5448 or cristinbailey@