Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Finally Put My Hiking Stickers On My New Truck!

One thing I love to do is advertise my hobbies and interests. I suppose that is obvious since I have a blog where I share all of that stuff with you. Well, a few months back, I wrote about replacing my Jeep with a new truck. Since I got the truck back in September, I have been searching for the "perfect" stickers to display these hobbies and interests on my vehicle.

For a hiking sticker, I went with what I had on my Jeep, which was a hiker's silhouette on a black oval. I originally found this sticker (for my Jeep) in a gift shop in North Conway, NH. When I went back to get a new one for my truck, the gift shop didn't seem to carry this sticker anymore. So, I found them online at Maine Made Products for a very reasonable price. (I know...I know...it's made in Maine, not New Hampshire...but no one can really tell :) )

To show my love for New Hampshire, I went with a sticker from Cafe Press, which again, is oval and displays a large "NH" with the Old Man's profile on the left side of the "N". Of course, I had to go with the one that had the "Live Free or Die" slogan, as they are words that I live by each and everyday. I also purchased my American Flag sticker at Cafe Press as well.

Finally, the Mount Washington Observatory sticker can't be purchased as a standalone. In order to receive one of these, you must be a proud member of the Mount Washington Observatory, which I am.

Jill helped me with the actual layout of the stickers on the window, and I'm pretty happy with it! What do you think?

Click on the picture to make it larger so you can see the details!!!



  1. i like the MWOBS sticker

  2. The little Blue one is alright too.

  3. Hi There - I wish you'd leave your names for me!

    Anonymous 1 - I like that sticker too, especially since it is an exclusive one. You can only get it if you're a member! I'm hoping next year, they refine the borders of the sticker. It seems the white margins are just a little too thick for me. But I love it nonetheless.

    Anonymous 2 - I'm not sure where I got this square and compass medallion. I switched up from my Jeep. On the Jeep, I had an etched brass one, which ended up corroding pretty bad in the New England winter salt. So this time, I went with a die cast with enamel finish. This is the same one my Dad had for years and never seemed to corrode. I'm hoping it will last through the winters...did notice it was made in China though.

    Guys, thanks for stopping by and please come back again soon!

  4. Karl,

    The stickers look great. We've been meaning to get some for our car. I've got an AT sticker, but we've been reluctant to put it on as we really haven't hiked enough of it to justify having it on our car. There are some others I'd like to get that I've seen around here, like a BSF in an oval for Big South Fork and the like. Areas that we've really hiked a lot. I should also get a 13.1 in an oval even though I don't run much anymore I have completed 2 1/2 marathons and that counts for something right?


  5. Hey Tim,
    If I were you, I slap that AT sticker on your car. I think I've been on the AT only 3 times, ...you're still hiking on it, though!!! And as time passes, I'm sure you anticipate hiking more of it!

    The BSF sound pretty cool. Funny, I'm not sure if they have a WM one for the White Mountains or not...I'm sure they must.

    Definitely get a 13.1 sticker...that's a huge accomplishment that you should share on your vehicle, as many do!


  6. New to your blog Karl, my name is Keith Rayeski and I live in Nottingham now but, grew up in Newmarket and Durham....first 13 in what is now the right half of the Durham town offices and the rest at various Newmarket locations.....my family homestead in on Grant Rd., dating back to a Kings grant in 1627. I am working to get my girlfriend into the hiking hobby.....it's a labor of love for both of us! My regular e-mail is retiredsp@comcast.net
    this past summer it was my girlfriend and her brother and his wife and myself...the largest challenge was an attempt at Washington.....up the Tuckermans Ravine trail...proved too much for the ladies so we got 2.7 miles under their belts.....next year, we'll hit some easier ones early and work our way up to a fall over night at Wash! There are WM decals...top of my head is the trail head lodge at Tuckermans.....hope to see you on the trails!

  7. Hi Keith,

    Again, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to hear you're a life long NH resident. It's a great State and it seems your family has a lot of history here.

    Hiking is great past time and something that I have just recently discovered in NH. I enjoy it immensely. My wife and I have started off with some easier treks in NH and have worked up to a few of the more difficult ones.

    Tucks is certainly a good accomplishment, even 2.7 miles of it. It's a tough trail. If you're looking for ideas or suggestions on some lighter hikes, just let me know. My contact info is on the upper right hand column, just above the blog badge. Drop me a line anytime.

    Come back and visit again soon!