Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Traded Up My Harley for Microspikes!!!

I recently sold my Harley. It was extremely tough for me to do but as everyone always says, guys have to sell their toys when they have a baby! Well, I suppose I didn’t have to sell it, but it really made all the practical sense in the world. I bought it new in 2008 and in three seasons, I had only racked up 3000 miles on the motorcycle. You see, over the summer, Jill and I would plan out our weekends and ask ourselves what we wanted to do in the event of nice weather. Rarely, we picked riding the motorcycle. Instead, the answer was always the same. “Let’s go up to the Whites and get a hike in!”

My 2008 Harley Davidson Softail - Now Sold!

My love for hiking always trumped my love riding. So, it was time to let someone else cruise around on that Softail. I did, however, decide to take a bit of the profits from the bike to buy myself a pair of Kahtoola MICROspikes. They arrived the other day and I’m looking forward to trying them out soon. It seems as though general consensus believes these are a better product when compared to YakTrax or STABILicers.

My New MICROspikes!

Without a doubt, I will miss my Harley and I know I will be thinking about it often, while on the trail!



  1. Sorry about the bike, but nice purchase! Let us know how they work out! I wanted to get some this year.. might get them over the summer. Didn't have any opportunities to try winter hiking when it wasn't too cold for me, lol!

  2. Nice purchase. Other than crampons these are the best traction you can get! Yak Tax break every time I use them but Microspikes go on easy, stay on, and do their job. Actually they might be even better than crampons since they are so easy to put on your boot and they work for everything short of vertical ice. I even saw someone with Micropsikes on the Lion's Head Trail coming off Washington!

  3. @Liz - I certainly will let you know how they work. I'm concerned my purchase my have been a little late. I think the season has almost past. I suppose I need to get up to the Whites to make that conclusion though.

    @Grant - I've heard such great reviews about Microspikes. I have YakTraks but they are just for walking the dogs. I could never trust them on a vertical trail. The Microspikes seem much more robust...just looking at them in my living room. Can't wait to try them out.