Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why We Hike: A Challenge From Two-Heel Drive

Over at Two-Heel Drive, a blog written by Tom Mangan, a challenge has been issued to outdoor bloggers, to describe why you hike in only 15 minutes. No elaborate thinking on the matter! Just put down your thoughts, at that moment, as to why you hike. Challenge accepted!

Whenever I think of hiking, I think of Jackson, NH. It's a beautiful, small, quaint little town sheltered by the White Mountains. My wife and I love this town. It's a special town to us as we spend our anniversaries there and is a launching site of many of our hikes. In this town, the hustle and bustle of everyday life seems to cease and people seem to truly enjoy nature and what it has to offer. We certainly hope to make our way up there for good, someday...maybe in retirement or sooner.

We love seeing the Jackson Covered Bridge when we head into town. We always cross it and
say, "We're home!". Hopefully, someday, it will be a true statement.

Whenever we head out to a trailhead, I think of Jackson. I think it is because I somehow relate the New Hampshire mountains with this town. I can't completely explain it, but it's almost like every hike gets me one step closer to making my way home to this town. Even if we hike over near Franconia...it reminds me of Jackson, which I will someday call home.

View from the Iron Mountain Trailhead in Jackson, NH...over a beautiful meadow toward
Mt. Washington. All the views in Jackson, NH are wonderful!

When we finally make our way up to Jackson for good, the mountains will be at our doorstep. We won't have to drive four hours a day (round trip) to a trailhead. We will forget about the rat race and take advantage of the crisp mountain air. Until then, though, we will continue to make the long drives and dream of this town that we will someday call home...that is why we hike!

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  1. I'll have to check out this place you call "Jackson", Karl. Sounds neat.

  2. Hey Tom - You and Atticus know exactly what I'm talking about!!! You guys made such a great dream a reality for yourselves! One day, I know we'll be neighbors...

  3. Nice post! Jackson looks like a quintessential White Mountains town. Good luck on making it your home sooner than later! Being able to head out the front door and be at a White Mountain trail head in minutes would be a dream come true. Right now my drives are 3 hours at a minimum.