Friday, July 8, 2011

Some Gifts From Good Friends!

Lylah and her little hiking boots...she'll grow into them!

I want to take some time out and thank a few great friends in the blogging community for their kindness and generosity. Tim and Robin Bird, who create and author the blog Appalachia and Beyond, sent our new daughter, Lylah, some great gifts. They found her some great little pink Timberland hiking boots. I have been looking around for hiking boots for Lylah for some time now and have come up empty handed. The Birds hit the nail square on the head and got her the perfect ones!

Lylah's new Timberlands that the Bird's got her!

They also sent her a great little hiking outfit, complete with a woodsy overall skirt. A rattle also accompanied the other gifts. Probably, the greatest thing they sent her was a card with a beautiful message addressed to Lylah. We will hold on to it and place it in her baby book until she is old enough to read it for herself.

Lylah's new outfit and rattle that the Bird's got her!

It’s amazing to me how thoughtful and generous people can be. The Bird’s and Searl’s have never met in person. We became friends because of our blogs which share common obsessions. They revolve around hiking and enjoying what nature has to offer. I’m always humbled by this hiking network and how it impacts my life in such a positive way. Now, the Bird’s have impacted Lylah’s life in a positive way. For this, I can’t thank them enough!


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  1. She will grow into them all too fast. Before you know it, she'll be asking Jill to borrow hers. :P
    You guys are most welcome and we are proud to call y'all friends.