Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Many Great Memories!

It finally came!!! Our 2010 hiking picture book that Jill and I constructed on Shutterfly. It ended up being 100 pages, which is the maximum size book you can make. I’m sure that seems like a lot of pages, but it goes by quickly, especially since we had photos from 27 great hikes in 2010! Below are some snapshots of a few pages from the book. It came out really nice. I’d take a picture of every page to show you, if I could. 

 Mount Lafayette on the cover of our book!

 Jill and I on the Holt Trail, Mount Cardigan...Very Steep!
Our Mount Jackson and Mount Webster Loop on my Birthday!

Jill and I on the Franconia Ridge on our Anniversary!

 Me, on Mount Flume after hiking the dreaded Flume Slide Trail

Jill and I exploring Mount Katherine, during foliage and soon after we found out we were expecting Lylah!
It was a special day!



  1. Fantastic job, Karl! My wife and I have constructed a few Shutterfly albums also. However, just from what you've posted, we've gleaned some great ideas for constructing future albums. Thank you for sharing this!


  2. Thanks John! I'm glad this post could be of some help to someone! We try to make these every year. 2010 was by far our most "traveled" year, so it was a big book. I'm thinking 2011 will be somewhat scarce since we have been out on the trail too much.


  3. Beautiful! Excellent job you guys. I like the collage effect you've added to pages.

  4. All of this in 1 year....very impressive hiking Karl!

  5. What an awesome idea! Would make a great coffee table book!

  6. @Jeff - Thanks. It's amazing how much time formatting these pages takes!

    @Grant - Thanks. We were pretty proud of ourselves. Probably my favorite year yet!

    @Steven - Thanks. It is sitting on the coffee table...how'd you guess?