Friday, August 26, 2011

Some Blog Promoting and A Good Cause

Fellow hikers, Dan and Meena Szczesny, have been really busy this past year. They have achieved some amazing accomplishments as well as continue to move forward with tackling great goals. In a year’s time, Meena finished her New Hampshire 48, 4,000 footers with Dan by her side, they tied the knot on the summit of Mount Lafayette, and made a phenomenal journey to Everest Base Camp and some surrounding peaks!

Dan and Meena standing a top Kala Patthar

They have shared their wonderful adventures on their blog, Expedition Kala Patthar, which is very well known within the hiking community. Specifically, they have documented their Everest Base Camp trek in a series of posts deemed the Nepal Chronicles. The writing is fantastic and the pictures are breathtaking. If you haven’t checked out this blog, I urge you to do so. Their pictures from their Kala Patthar trip are absolutely amazing!

One of many breathtaking photos displayed on their blog from their Kala Patthar trip

More recently, Dan has decided to put his hiking to use helping a local charity, the Holy Cross Learning Center of Manchester. The organization is geared towards helping local New Hampshire immigrants learn English and therefore helping to create a better life for these individuals and their families. To help this organization, he will attempt to hike all 48, 4,000 footers in the month of September. He’s currently accepting donations (mostly per peak). Please consider sponsoring Dan in this huge undertaking! To learn more about his September trek and how you can sponsor him, visit his September 48 blog, where he is documenting his upcoming quest. He has named his journey “48 in 30”…which has a very nice ring to it!

 Dan, making his way down to the Greenleaf Hut while training for his "48 in 30" attempt

Just to recap where you can find info for Dan and Meena’s hiking adventures, their primary blog is Expedition Kala Patthar. They have a Facebook page which exclusively features the Nepal Chronicles. Finally, their new blog, exclusively featuring his “48 in 30” attempt, is September 48!

Good luck, Dan and Meena, on your new adventure. Thanks for some great stories this past year and here's to many more!



  1. You're the best Karl, thank you so much for featuring us, and for pledging to our cause. It means a lot!

  2. Wow I had no idea about this....thanks for sharing!

  3. Dan & Meena - No problem! Hope you hit all 48 summits this September!

    Grant - Definitely checkout Expedition Kala Patthar...it's a great read!