Friday, August 12, 2011

Walking in Exeter - Powder House Point

The historical Exeter Powder House, built in 1771

It was really nice out Wednesday evening, so Jill and I decided to take Lylah down to some trails we always see people walking on in Exeter. The trails are located directly across the Squamscott River from the parkway side (which is the side we typically walk down). This would be Lylah’s first “hike”, so we wanted to make it easy, flat and short. We found access to these trails just behind the Exeter Mill Apartments.

Squamscott River with the historical Exeter skyline in the background

Sign on the gate at the trailhead

When we arrived, we found that this trail (or area) was called Powder House Point and it actually made a loop around some runoff portions of the Squamscott River. We decided to hike the loop in a counterclockwise direction. At the beginning of the trail was a pretty large, but decorative, steel gate. A plaque on one of the granite posts indicated that this was in fact Powder House Point. The trail was pretty well beaten down and easy to follow. There were still a few wildflowers in bloom and the bumble bees were doing their best to pullout whatever pollen was left.

Sign at the Powder House

 Bumble Bee hard at work!

In a very short time, we came to the old powder house. Signs indicated that it was erected in 1771 and stored gun powder for both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. In fact, the small powder house stored powder that was captured from the British in Newcastle and was then used against them in the Battle of Bunkerhill. History like this is great and I’m glad places like this are preserved in this manner.

Not sure what these are, but they were pretty neat looking.

 Ducks swimming in the Squamscott River

 Trail, heading back toward the trailhead

We continued on and were followed by a red winged black bird, singing up a storm. I tried to snap a few shots, but it moved too quickly for me to get any worth posting. As we made our way around the loop, we were soon heading back in the direction we came. At this point on the trail, we were walking right on the banks of the Squamscott River. We could see people across the way walking up the parkway as we have done so many times before. Some canoeists also made their way up stream and they seemed to be enjoying the fresh evening air as much as we were.
 Flag at the Powder House with the Exeter Mill Apartments in the background
 Cool looking pod...sort of looks like a cucumber!

In a very short time, we were at the end of the trail and back to the truck. It was a beautiful evening and certainly beat sitting inside for the night. I think Lylah had a good time, although she slept for most of the trek. I would certainly recommend this walk to anyone in the Exeter area. Birds, flowers, scenic river views and a little history all wrapped up into one little loop.



  1. There will be no nature deficit disorder here for Lylah, eh? Great job!

  2. Hi Casey,

    No, I hope note. I'll do everything I can to make sure she knows what nature and NH has to offer to her...whether or not she loves it as much as I do, I suppose is up to her! Hope you're well!