Monday, November 21, 2011

Walking Among Some Trees...Christmas Trees!

Jill and I brought Lylah for a walk through some trees recently. Christmas Trees that is! We typically get a tree from the side of the road and always seem to pay too much for it. This year, we decided to put that money into a tree that we can actually fresh cut ourselves. We decided on Tonry Farm in Hampton Falls to locate the Searl Family Christmas Tree.

Tonry Farm

When you pull in, you drive down this long driveway and it drops you off at a farm with fields full of Christmas Trees all around it. We were given a map and told that the types of trees were fairly mixed throughout the fields and we would have to identify the species of trees ourselves in order to know what we were tagging.

 Eastern Bluebird!

Eastern Bluebird again!

We walked for what seemed to be a mile, in and out of the different rows. It seemed every “good” tree had been tagged by previous customers. I was amazed at the different shapes and sizes of all these trees. I always assumed these tree farms trimmed the trees to be the perfect, full cone shape. However, on this tree farm, it looked like they allowed them to grow into a natural shape, which I liked. I’m a big fan of “Charlie Brown” Christmas Trees. I like crazy branches and holes to hang large ornaments.

 Behold...The Searl Family Christmas Tree!

Our Tag!

There were many trees that I liked, but Jill didn’t and visa versa, until we came to the perfect tree for us. It was traditionally shaped like cone but also has some irregularity to it too. It had really sturdy branches for heavy ornaments and was just tall enough for our living room. I’m fairly certain it is a Fraser Fir. It was the perfect Searl Family Christmas Tree. Jill decorated it by putting a large “S” at the top and some festive ribbon.

Jill's "S" on the top of the tree
Our decorated tree in the field!

It was really a fun day at the tree farm. We got a little bit of exercise in as well as spent some time outside. We even encountered some wildlife as an Eastern Bluebird followed us around the farm for a while. I can’t wait to get this tree home. We plan on cutting it down this weekend coming up. This year, we’re going to string popcorn and cranberries in an attempt to create and old fashion looking tree. I’ll be sure to post some pictures of it once it is up and lit!



  1. Nice post Karl! This is certainly a different kind of walk in the woods from your usual posts! You still saw more wildlife in this trip then I have ever seen in my trips to the whites!

  2. Thanks Grant - That can't be completely true. You must see squirrels, chipmunks and birds on your treks through the Whites??? My wildlife encounters haven't been all that exciting. No bears or moose yet. We've run into a White Tail in Acadia once that startled us. Other than that, it's mostly birds, chipmunks and squirrels...and snakes...quite a few of those too!


  3. What a fun walk in the "woods", and you got to do it as a family. Nice way to start a holiday tradition, too.

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