Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Post Worthy of a Post!

I was thumbing down my blogroll today, as I haven't had time to do this in a week or so, and came to a new post on the blog, Fat Man of the Mountains. I really enjoyed it and thought I would share it here. Dave, the author, really captured well the feelings we (you, myself and anyone else who loves the Whites) get when we  step into nature and leave civilization behind. He also introduces us to Moses Sweetser, a nature lover and an author from many generations ago who seemed to share the same thoughts and feelings of the magnificent Whites. If you have a few moments, please head over there and check out the post...it's a great read.

Also, Dave Tweets @fatmanofthemtns



  1. You were right - great post. I always wonder when the limits will be reached and new sports developed. How far and how fast can people push themselves and what do they miss in the process? Do they see the newt or the views, or do they only see the goal?

    Dani @ ONNO Bamboo Clothing