Friday, April 27, 2012

Introducing a Guest Blogger: My Friend Kevin!

Over the next few weeks, Live Free and Hike will be featuring a guest blogger’s story about training and accomplishing the Boston Marathon. This guest blogger is a great, old friend of mine from high school, Kevin Bernier. Kevin and I certainly haven’t kept in touch throughout the years like friends should, due to attending different schools, living in different States and just being caught up in our busy lives. However, a while back on Facebook, he announced he was training for the Boston Marathon and I followed his progress on FB as he got closer to the race date. He ran the race on one of the hottest days in marathon history with a great time and raised almost $11,000 for Dana-Farber cancer research!

Kevin and I at our senior dinner dance...a very long time ago!

As I mentioned above, Kevin and I met at Amesbury High School. He was with me the first time I ever hiked in 1998, which was up Mount Washington. Many of you may have already read about this un-pleasurable ascent on a previous blog post entitled, Once Upon a Time…I Hated Hiking! My Hike Up Mount Washington, Aug. 25, 1998. After high school, Kevin attended Boston University where he studied math. After he received his undergraduate degree, he continued on to law school at BU. He’s currently practicing law at WilmerHale in Boston as a member of the Commercial Real Estate Group. He resides in Natick, MA, with his wife, Jen, and his two sons, Tyler (age 3 and self-proclaimed fastest boy in the world) and Alex (8 months old).

Kevin and I at one of our proms...again...a very long time ago!

As of lately, I’ve started to dabble in running a bit so I thought it would be great if Kevin wrote a post regarding the Boston Marathon, since it is such an extraordinary accomplishment. He’s done better than that, though. He’s broken up his journey of becoming a long distance runner into four separate chapters, which will be posted at different times over the next few weeks. I myself have not read them yet, so I’m just as excited as you are to get them posted. I want to extend a huge thanks to Kevin for taking the time to document his marathon experience and sharing it here, with us, on Live Free and Hike!


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