Monday, June 18, 2012

A Rough Couple Months!

So, as I'm sure you've all noticed, I really haven't been around much the past month or so. Well, I knew it was going to be busy couple months, but I just didn't realize how busy. I was finishing up my last couple grad classes (two difficult ones too...I left the worst for last), planned my daughter's first birthday (just kidding, my wife planned the whole thing, but I attended and cooked the burgers), and we planned to list our house anticipating it would take a few months to sell. To our surprise, we were under agreement in just one week. This doubled our workloads, getting documents prepared, inspections concluded and everything else that goes with selling a house. Along with that, so we're not homeless, Jill and I had to view tons and tons of new houses in just a couple day's time. We found a new house and we are now under agreement on that! Along with selling/buying a house came a ton of stress!

Anyway, things are winding down now. I'm all done with school and Lylah is now one year old (good lord time flies). We still have a lot to do with selling/buying houses, but we are past the first hurtle. I finally have a little more time to focus on the blog. I have some good stuff lined up in the next few weeks. Jill, Lylah and I took a trip up to our favorite town, Jackson, and hiked Black Cap Mountain. Also, I have a review for Cobrabraid paracord survival bracelets as well as a great giveaway opportunity on the same. Finally, I have to get back to Kevin's four part guest post on his amazing accomplishment of running the Boston Marathon. So stay tuned...hope to have some posts to you soon!


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  1. Glad the worst is behind you and congrats on finishing up your Master's. I decided after I finished my Bachelor's that I wasn't doing any more school unless it was a class or something that was work related. Or something outdoors related. :P

    Now you can focus on the family more and take care of Little Miss Lylah, I still can't get over that full head of hair she has.