Friday, April 19, 2013

Let's Take a Vote!

Okay, so recently, we've found that Oscar, our woodchuck that lives just on the outskirts or our property, has found a new dwelling. Apparently, he has created a penthouse under our front porch steps. Obviously, to get access, he has created two holes to get under there (one on each side of the front steps). 

Now, I love woodchucks, whereas most think they are a nuisance. My wife wants to trap him (humanely of course) and "relocate" him to a place where he will not eat our flowers and need holes at our front steps. I say, live and let live! I consider him to be part of the family now. Also, I caught him guarding our front door the other day (see picture below :) ). 

So, let's take a vote. Should we keep Oscar where he is (which is what I want), or should we humanely relocate him (which is what Jill wants).

Oscar, guarding our front door!

Oscar, finding his next snack next to our front steps.



  1. Is he doing any damage? If it's just flowers, I wouldn't mind, bigger trees/bushes or the actual house, then I'd do some relocating.

  2. You have to let him stay! That is so adorable.

  3. Depends on wheather or not you ( or the Mrs.) want to keep the flowers. We've had one at our house for quite a few years. No damage,maybe a few flowers but nothing else. Geez the dog can't even catch the fat old rodent.
    I can't say their adorable but it's better than having a Pepe kitty hanging around. Let him stay! Geez he could always tell you when Spring is coming if nothing more. LOL

  4. Unfortunately, your pet will not remain single for long. They do multiply and you will soon have a woodchuck hotel. LOL