Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where Have I Been???

Where have I been? That's a great question! It's been almost four months since my last posting. I hate not adding content to this blog as it is one of my favorite pastimes. However, I've been busy with other things lately, mostly having to do with work and the new house. I haven't had much time to get outside and be active, participate in the online hiking community or write on this blog. I'm hoping that will change now that spring is upon us.

As I just mentioned, I wasn't able to get outside much this past winter. One of my goals was to take snowboarding lessons and unfortunately, that fell through. Jill and I were able to get up to Jackson for one night in February, which was our first night away from the baby (thanks Grammy and Grampy). Since it was only one night, we didn't have much time to do anything outside like snowshoeing or learning how to cross-country ski. Hopefully next year, we'll be able to get up there for a few nights over the winter months so we can play in the snow more!

Also, due to this winter, my running has really suffered. I've only been able to get out once a week at best, which really isn't enough time to keep my endurance up. This week, I've gone twice (and my legs are jello) and hope to maintain a minimum of three times a week through the summer...we'll see what happens. 

So what's coming up? I'm really not sure. Jill and I are going to be committed to getting outside at least once a week, whether that is a local nature walk, a hike or visiting a local farm to let Lylah pet the cows. I hope to start capturing these moments again here, as I have in the past. This weekend, we plan on heading over to the Wiggin Farm Conservation Area to see how the nature path is. If we make it, I will definitely snap some shots and share them.

Thanks everyone, for continuing to come back, even after my short break! More to follow soon...


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  1. good to have you back Karl! Isn't funny how life gets in the way every once and while. Enjoy the moment.