Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fun Building a Model Car and How it Relates to the New Hampshire Wilderness!

One of my buddies and I recently found that we both shared in a childhood hobby, building model cars! After discussing it for a while, and really getting excited about what we did so many years prior, we decided to dust of our modeling skills and have a car model build-off! The first model we are doing is one that he picked out. It's a 1940 Ford Panel Truck. It's a three in one kit, which means it comes with enough parts to make it stock, street rod or drag.

So how does this relate back to the New Hampshire wilderness or to this blog you ask? Well, I decided to try to make it look like a New Hampshire Forest Ranger's truck from that time period. Now, please understand, I have no idea what a NH Ranger's truck would look like in 1940 or if there even were Forest Rangers back then. I did this for fun and fun alone. In no way am I claiming any sort of historical accuracy!

I tried to make it look beat up and rusty from what may have been caused from driving it on dirt and salt covered mountain roads in the winter. Also, I made the decals look hand painted (which was obviously easier than using stencils) as I would have thought there would have been few of these vehicles and would have been labeled with a paint brush and paint can. One thing I did do, which was a customization, was adding spark plug wires to the motor. These are simple wires from an Ethernet cord which I inserted into the engine flatheads (after drilling holes in them). 

Let me know what you think!



  1. What a great project! Wonder if there are any photos in an archive somewhere of such vehicles?

  2. That Model Car is Awesome!!!

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