Sunday, July 7, 2013

Short Independence Day Hike - Glen Ellis Falls

We headed up to Jackson this past week, for some relaxation and some fun while celebrating our Independence Day. We did a lot of things that a family with a two year old does up in Jackson (Story Land, J-Town, the Inn Pool, Zebs, long drives to ensure lengthy naps, etc.), and we were also able to hit the trail, all-be-it a very short trail. On Thursday morning, we headed up to the Pinkham Notch and hiked the quarter mile trail to the impressive Glen Ellis Falls.

Glen Ellis Falls is located 0.25 miles down the Glen Ellis Falls Trail, which begins on the west side of Route 16 just south of the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. The trail starts at a tunnel that brings you under Route 16 and quickly turns south. It follows cascades down the Ellis River and turns from typical trail terrain to a very nicely landscaped trail. Along the short trek, there are plaques that explain the geology of the falls for the visitors. At the end of the trail, there are quite a few stairs which lead to the bottom of the falls and a viewing platform.

The Glen Ellis Falls is simply awesome. The 62 foot plunge is certainly impressive, but the amount of water flowing through such a small cross section of space is amazing. It creates a powerful flow of water that you can feel and hear as  you observe. It was definitely a great waterfall to visit with the baby.
 Tunnel under Route 16 at Trailhead

Orange Hawkweed

The Glen Ellis Trail, well groomed


Trail, even more groomed!

First Plaque

Top of Glen Ellis Falls

Second Plaque

Glen Ellis Falls, 62 Foot Plunge

Third Plaque

Platform at the bottom of Glen Ellis Falls

Lylah and I at Glen Ellis Falls!



  1. Good to see you (and the family) back out on the trail Brother.

    1. Thanks Jim! It was nice to get back in the woods.

  2. Hi Karl,

    It's uncanny! When I read your blog report, I had just finished watching an episode of Willem Lange's 'Windows to the Wild' which featured Glen Ellis Falls, among other waterfalls in NH. Below is a link in case you're interested.

    Thanks for posting this. It was an enjoyable read, and also a nice follow-up to Willem Lange's report.


    1. Hi John, I love Windows to the Wild! I always said I was hoping to someday quit my job and co-host with Willem!!! Thanks for posting the link. It's such a great waterfall!


  3. Hi Karl, I especially like the shot at the end with Lylah! I've got three little ones myself and we try and get them out hiking as often as possible! Enjoy the blog...keep it up!


  4. I really like the waterfall photo. Can you swim near it at all? It's also good to see a tiny hiker enjoying nature. haha!