Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tell It On The Mountain Film Review and Giveaway Contest!!!

I had a great opportunity to get my hands on a new film, Tell it on the Mountain, that was recently released which chronicles a handful of hikers thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Being an east coast kid and a passionate hiker, I’ve always been interested in the Appalachian Trail and have enjoyed any documentaries I’m able to catch on the topic. I was actually unaware of the existence of the PCT since I concentrate on the local trails primarily, so this film was enjoyable from an educational standpoint as well.

Tell it on the Mountain Trailor

It’s approximately two hours long and starts off explaining the trail route which runs from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, across deserts and the tough terrain of the Sierra-Nevada Mountain Range. The hikers are likeable from the start and range from a variety of different personalities and ages. However, I felt their main objective for being on the trail was the same…to be closer with nature and maintaining a healthy state of mind. One hiker in particular, Billygoat, was an older hiker and made a choice earlier in life to spend his later years on the trail, as much as he was able. He explains to the watcher that working your life away in a factory will kill you faster than being outside and enjoying God’s country.

A couple, Carsten and Alina (from Germany I believe), were thru-hiking together for the first time (Carsten had thru-hiked the AT prior) and injury plagued their bid. Carsten’s back was injured part of the way through and Alina needed to continue part of the way without him. He continued to get treatment and met her at checkpoints along the way, hoping to be able to hit the trail at some point again. Unfortunately, his injury was too severe to continue. The film explains the years of preparation and financial savings it takes to commit to such a trek and in Carsten case, can end so abruptly. I think it’s something that many hikers can relate too and sympathize with even though many have not been in the same situation.

The film also introduces the viewer to the people behind the scenes, along the trail route, that are critical in helping the hikers get from point A to point B. Since the trail is so long, 2,663 miles, they go through a wide variety of terrain, elevation and climate. They need different equipment for different legs of the hike. Many people along the route help store this equipment for them and allow them to pick it up when they reach different checkpoints. It sounded like the hikers typically mailed the equipment to these people (items such as mountaineering axes, etc.) to hold onto.

Watching this film gives you an overwhelming feeling of wanting to hit the trail. If you’re as passionate about hiking as I am, it makes you question why you’ve never attempted such a huge hike yourself. The film does a great job capturing how beautiful the terrain is along the PCT and really draws the viewers into the different situations the hikers face. Hiking this trail is an enormous accomplishment of a hike! Watch this film, and you’ll fully understand why!

You can view more information or purchase this film on their website, TellItOnTheMountain.com. The site has great information on the hikers, the film makers and the trail stats. I noticed the DVD is also available on Amazon.

Here’s best part, for my readers that is; I have two copies to giveaway!!! Note that one DVD is already opened as it’s the one that was used to do this review. Trust me, if you win one of these copies (or purchase on from the sites mentioned above), you will not be disappointed! Here’s how you can enter to win a copy of this DVD. Everyone will get (4) possibly entry chances in this giveaway contest.

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  1. I had never heard of PCT before I read Cheryl Strayed's book called Wild. Full of life, passion, and PCT tales and trails. Loved it.

  2. I live in Oregon and have hiked many sections of the PCT. One of my bucket list goals is to hike the entire PCT through Oregon (and maybe Washington). I'd love to see this movie.

  3. I've read a number of books by people who have hiked the PCT - I'd love to see a movie to actually see the places described in the books.

  4. And posted on my Facebook page - Lynn Pettipaw

  5. I'd love to win this one. Having hiked the Long Trail this summer with Cam, I'm pretty hooked on long distance hiking. We're pretty familiar with the AT, as it runs through our playground, but don't have that degree of familiarity with the PCT.

  6. I'd love to see this movie as I, like you, have really only ever read about adventures on the East coast. I am quite curious how the adventures differ over there.

  7. Looks like a very interesting story. Might be the inspiration some of us need to get out there and hike a little more.

  8. What's Going down i'm new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It absolutely helpful and it has helped me out loads. Thank you sharing!