Tuesday, February 11, 2014

YAKTRAX Walker Gear Review (Running) - Guest Blogger Post

By Keith LeBlanc

I would recommend the Yaktrax Walker to both walkers and runners. I gave them a whirl on two occasions. The first occasion was a 5 mile run on hard packed snow and ice. I was pleased with the traction in the hard packed snow, however I thought the traction would have been better on ice.

I figured a one time 5 mile run was not enough to write a review so I figured I try them again. I was a little skeptical going further than a 5 or 6 mile run because I thought they would be uncomfortable after a while. Well, I ran 15.5 miles in them and was pleasantly surprised. The traction was no different than before (however the traction is 10x better than not having them) and they were comfortable. There was even a 2 mile stretch when I was running on pavement (not recommended by the company) and they held up.

All in all I would recommend the Yaktrax to other walkers and runners. They were comfortable on and off pavement, traction was good (sufficient), and they were durable. If you like to exercise in the winter these are a great investment.

Keith LeBlanc is a long time friend of mine that I've had the pleasure of hiking with, running with and when we were younger, partying with. He's a program manager by profession, but an active outdoor enthusiast whenever possible. He enjoys cycling (street and off-road), surfing, snowboarding and hiking, but his real passion is running. He's run multiple marathons and is an officer in his running club, The Winner's Circle Running Club in Salisbury, MA (of which, I'm also a member!). A big thanks to Keith for writing this review! - Karl


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