Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gear Review and Giveaway: Woolx Merino Wool Lightweight T Shirt

Woolx gave me the opportunity to try out there Woolx Merino Wool Lightweight T Shirt and do a review on it. I obviously jumped at the opportunity as a good wicking tee shirt is essential when performing active, outdoor sports like hiking and running. Also, Woolx is a company I had never heard of before, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to familiarize myself with their product lines and see if it’s a brand I should start investing in for new gear.

The tee is constructed of 100% 17.5 Micron Australian Merino Wool and is very light weight. For those who don’t know what a Merino is, it is a breed of sheep that is prized for its quality of wool. It is advertised to be non-itch, super for wicking perspiration and unshrinkable.

Image from www.sheep101.info

They sent me an x-large and it fit pretty well. I do range between a large and x-large in sport tee shirts, as I think I'm in between (tall, but lanky). The XL fit perfectly for what it's worth. I decided to try this tee out during a 3 mile run, since the weather is getting nicer out and I’m trying to get back on the wagon of running four days a week! One thing I did notice about the tee was that it was a little clingy due to static electricity when I first put it on, but I think that is due to it being 100% wool. The static did go away quickly once I got outside and start stretching.

During my run, I did notice how light the tee shirt was and that I barely felt it against my skin. This is a great feature if you are susceptible to chaffing. Heavy tees can cause havoc and I’m confident this one would not. As I started to warm up, I noticed that the tee allowed the breeze to go through it and cool me down. I would assume that feature certainly helps with the wicking as well. When I was done with my run, the Woolx tee shirt was dry. However, if you’re like me, the real sweat doesn’t hit until after you stop and try to cool down. The tee quickly got wet, but I don’t think the wicking can work if you’re not moving, as I wasn’t. This is what I wanted though. I wanted to see if the wool had a bad odor if it was wet and covered with sweat. Many wool shirts I have tried in the past, I have thrown out for that very reason. The Woolx tee shirt surprised me and there was no foul odor from the shirt when it got wet with my perspiration. I was pleased.

The only thing left to do at that point was to see if I could shrink it! I threw it in the wash and dried it on a lower heat setting as I do with all my clothes. The tee shirt came out the same size as it went in!!!

I can honestly say that I’m very happy with this shirt and will utilize it in the future for both running and hiking! I’m glad that Woolx chose me to review it as I’ve now learned about a great company to get gear from!

Now for the giveaway opportunity! Woolx is willing to give away a set of Men’s Merino Boxer Briefs to a lucky reader. They just released this product and they’re made from the same materials and use the same technology as the tee shirt I reviewed in this post. In order to enter to win, just leave a comment regarding your experience with wool wicking gear and why you’d like to try Woolx gear on this blog post. All comments left will be given a number and a lucky winner will be picked using random.org on May 4th! Once a winner is drawn, I’ll get the sizing and shipping info from that individual and provide it to Woolx, who will ship the boxer briefs directly to the winner!

To check out more on Woolx, visit their website at www.woolx.com. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter @WoolXwool.

Note: I write these reviews from an unbiased standpoint and do not receive compensation from the company providing the products. All the views and opinions in this review are my own.