Friday, August 22, 2014

The Start of Daddy-Daughter Hikes - Stratham Hill

Lylah’s at the age where she can carry a backpack and hike down a trail. The amount of time she can do this is questionable and something I knew I was going to have to test out. This being the case, I figured it was a perfect time to start Daddy-Daughter Hikes every weekend that we’re able to do so.

The first hike we did was Stratham Hill Park. This is a location that she’s pretty familiar with as we go there to play on the playground. Lylah was pretty excited to go hiking especially after I told her we were going to see a tower! We started off first thing in the morning and took the Lincoln Trail to the summit of the hill. She hiked up the whole way with no complaining. She had fun looking for flowers and trying to track down next water bar on the trail (which she called “big sticks”).

When we got to the tower, she was in awe! She couldn’t wait to get to the top…but I could! Typically, I love fire towers, but when you have a three year old, they are rather tedious. I helped her climb up and she loved the views. Helping her down seemed even more tedious!

 Great Bay
Mount A I believe

After climbing the tower, we sat down and had some chocolate chip cookies even though it was morning. We then headed off down the Kitty Rock Trail which connected to the Tote Road. After we passed Stratham Hill Pond, we made our way onto the connector trail via a foot bridge and back to the main park.

 Pawtuckaway Mountains

Uncanoonuc Mountains

Isles of Shoals I believe

Lylah then wanted to play on the playground. She did such a good job hiking (over a mile), how could I deny her some fun!

We really had a great time on this short trek so I knew I would have to keep Daddy-Daughter Hikes going as much as possible! My goal is to do at least one short hike a weekend as long as she’s interested. 



  1. She's too cute! Glad you're getting her out there while she's young and enjoying some time together.

    1. Thanks Summerset...We're having a blast together on the trail this year. We have a new addition too, so it will be some time before the whole family can go together I think.