Sunday, May 17, 2015

Daddy-Daughter Hike #3, NH Fire Tower Quest #1 - Blue Job Mountain

I think it's official. I am the worst blogger ever!!! 

I haven't been hiking lately and not even that active outdoors except some running here and there. Although, I do have some trip reports from later in the season, last year, that I'd still like to share. Even though they're not going to help with current conditions, etc. bear with me and hopefully you'll find them enjoyable!

As I mentioned the last couple times I blogged, my daughter and I started Daddy-Daughter Hikes which were a blast for me and I felt, were a great way to introduce her to hiking. After the first couple, she really took an interest to Fire Towers. So we started the NH Fire Tower Quest Program which is setup to raise awareness about NH Fire Towers and their history. There are currently 16 fire towers active under the NH Division of Forests and Lands and if you visit 5 of them, log the dates, they will send you a patch for the accomplishment. 

Our first one on the list was Blue Job Mountain, which is located in Farmington, NH, but we accessed through a trailhead in Strafford, NH. It's about a 1 mile loop up to the summit with one great lookout area on the way up. The trails bring you through hardwood and pine forests. There is also some great blueberry picking if you pick the right time to go!

My munchkin ready to go!

There's not many maps of Blue Job out there. Feel free to take this one as an image when you go. We always do the loop in a counter clockwise fashion.

Orange/Redish Blazes

Trail on the way up through some hardwood.

Radio tower at lookout area on way up

Lookout Views!

Little cave near some blueberry bushes

My little Blueberry Picker!

 Upper portion of trail with some older asphalt, near the top.

 Active Blue Job Fire Tower


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