Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Daddy-Daughter Hike #5, NH Fire Tower Quest #3 - Pawtuckaway Mountain, South

For the 3rd NH fire tower visit for Lylah's Quest Patch, I thought Pawtuckaway Mountain (South) would be a good candidate. I knew from past experience that the trail had pretty easy terrain and the fire tower was frequented daily so no dangerous wasp situations would occur as did on our previous visit to Warner Hill. We also invited my nephew, Jacob, along with us.

To summit, we parked at the south end of Tower Road, walked in and took a right onto the Mountain Trail for a short distance, until we hit the South Ridge Trail. We then ascended the South Ridge Trail to the summit where the Fire Tower is. For the most part, the terrain brings you through pine forest. The trail is pretty wide but has lots of exposed roots. There is one really nice lookout area where we stopped and had a snack before proceeding to the top where the fire tower is.

The kids, excited to hike!

 Tower Road

 Typical trail conditions on this hike.

 Jacob, showing off his climbing skills.

 View to the west from the tower, Pawtuckaway Middle and Pawtuckaway North in view.

 View to the east from the tower, Pawtuckaway Lake.

 The three of us at the base of the fire tower.

An older image of the tower, as I forgot to snap one of it that day...no clue how I forgot that!!!


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