Monday, July 23, 2018

Quick Stop at the Quechee Gorge in Vermont

The company I work for in NH has a sister company located up in the Burlington, VT area. I sometimes get the pleasure of visiting this facility. Even though it's a very long drive, I say "pleasure" because the drive-up US I-89 is extremely scenic and there's not much that beats the view of the mountains. On my way home the other day, I decided to pull off on Exit 1 and check out the Quechee Gorge

The Quechee Gorge is a very cool stretch of Ottauquechee River that has carved its way down, 165 feet into the earth over the past 100,000 years. The geological history of this massive gorge is impressive and dates back to the ice age. Vermont’s State Park website has a great trail map for this gorge and surrounding park area. It also has a second page with a thorough geological history which I encourage you to read. You can check this map/document out here.

Below are some pictures I took with my phone while standing on the small, narrow bridge over the gorge on US Route 4. It’s super impressive and worth a quick 5 minute excursion off the highway if you’re in the area!

View of the Quechee Gorge from US Route 4 bridge looking north. The picture doesn't do it justice...the view is great and you are pretty high up.

View of the Quechee Gorge from US Route 4 bridge looking south.

Looking straight down from the bridge on the south side.

VT State Park Website: https://vtstateparks.com/quechee.html